What we do

We create intelligent mobile based products that analyze transactional data from your customers and generate business insights that help you target your most profitable customers and develop effective marketing strategies.

We build smart mobile applications that leverage analytics and user behaviour patterns with an intense focus on quality to deliver stunning UI/UX design, sleek code and heavy duty performance.

If we like your awesome idea, we will create your entire app at zero development charge and become your business partner by helping you develop your idea, create go-to-market strategies, raise funds and finally launch your app in the market in return of an equity stake in your startup!

Mobile Business Intelligence

Get to know your customers better and faster with mobile analytics!

Our mobile products analyze your customer' s data to provide you with business insightsthat shape your marketing strategies and get you ahead of your competition.

We leverage analytics and business intelligence like never before with mobile appsthat track your customer' s transactional and behavioral patterns real time.

Our interactive visuals and executive dashboards help you identify and focuson the most critical drivers of your business.

Sounds good but not sure if it applies to your business? We can help you figure out how big data can catapult your business to the top. Get in touch with our Mobile BI team

Smart Apps

Not just another app, create beautiful, intelligent app! For us, design matters as much as performance.

And we ensure your app is as much beautiful from the inside as it is from the outside. We write codesthat are sleek and scalable to be ready for that rage that your app can become anytime now.

We love working on projects that stimulate our brain cells to create something not created yetand we enjoy challenges and deadlines that make us sweat.

Want to talk more? Ask for our Smart Apps team when you give us a call..

Idea Execution

What good is the idea if it just stays as one?

World is full of startups which started off with a bang, but could not even makea single release even after couple of years of existence.

Some have difficulty finding a technical co-founder, some have difficulty recruiting strong technical talent, and some others just lose focus mid way and get bogged down by multitude of things needing attention.

Here's where we step in.. We love startups. And we are entrepreneurs too.

If we feel as passionate about your idea as you do,
we will team up with you to make your idea a reality.
We will help you with whatever you need and like a true business partner,
we will do whatever it takes to launch the product and make it a success.

And like a true business partner, we will take equity stakes in the venture.
Remember you continue as the CEO, we just become part of your team.

Whether we do something together or not,
it' s always exciting to meet entrepreneurs.
Give us a call and let's catch up over coffee..

How We Work

  • Discuss
  • Strategize
  • Detailed Plan and Timeline
  • Set Up Teams - Divide & Conquer!
  • Execute - That' s What Matters Most!
  • Launch - Get in the Battlefield!
  • Track Response & Improve
  • Scale Up - Time to Go Big!

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